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Answering Legal Questions (FAQs)

1) I’ve just been charged with a criminal offence. What will a lawyer be able to do for me?

We advise you to hire a lawyer to represent you before the Court. Once you’ve retained our services, we will be able to appear in Court on your behalf, begin to assemble all evidence in your favor to use at Trial, or, if appropriate, negotiate with Crown Counsel on plea and sentencing options, help you prepare for court appearances (including trial), and represent you effectively throughout the appropriate process you select (Trial or Sentencing). We will put together a team of experts and investigators to prepare the best defence possible. Much of the nature of your case will be depend on what you have been charged with, and the evidence gathered and presented by the Crown Counsel.

Contact us to arrange an initial no-fee consultation.

2) How much is this going to cost me?

That depends on the nature of your legal matter. In most criminal cases you will be required to provide a deposit, a lump sum amount at the time you hire us, for work we complete, and you will be billed on an hourly basis for that work.

For most personal injury matters (including ICBC and assault lawsuits), we will work on a contingency fee basis, in which we are paid a percentage of your final settlement.

For more information, see our Legal Fees.

3) What will happen in my criminal proceedings?

Click here for a brief description of a typical criminal matter.

4) What will happen in my personal injury claim?

Click here for a brief description of a typical personal injury claim.